What do you think of when you think of a vibrant and economically thriving downtown?

Envision people coming from near, far and wide to dine in unique eateries and shop in specialty shops. And imagine people coming to live in an aesthetic atmosphere that is teeming with culture and a sense of community. Can you do that?  We can!

Imagine getting pampered at your favorite salon and then walking to one of the many choice restaurants right afterward. Or going to see a movie in a state-of-the-art theater that wasn’t miles and miles away from home.

Think of leaving the office for a mid-day break to haunt your favorite coffee shop or bakery while running into several of your business associates creating a dynamic hour of networking and stimulating inspiration. Or just stopping to people watch in the scenic park after a few hours of window shopping…

We Envision This

We visualize Downtown Clearwater as an urban setting with an amenity of a marina. A place where a wildly diverse group of people feel comfortable living, working and enjoying a diverse offering of jobs, residences and entertainment venues all through out the downtown.

We know you have dreams too. We are interested in your vision. We welcome your input. Join the Clearwater Downtown Partnership today and help us make our vision of Downtown Clearwater a reality.

Why was the CDP formed?

The Partnership was formed to name, fund and implement projects that will assist the public and private sectors in creating a downtown district that becomes a regional destination.
Read the CDP’s mission here: http://www.clwdp.org/mission.html

Who are members of the CDP?

The CDP is comprised of downtown property owners, developers, concerned citizens and civic groups. It’s a not-for-profit organization whose goal is to promote and foster the economic redevelopment of our downtown.

If you have any interest in the renaissance of Downtown Clearwater and would like to see it become a thriving hub of the Tampa Bay Area, then you should become a member.

Which membership level should I sign up for and What benefits would I get?

The level of membership is totally determined by your level of involvement and interest in Downtown Clearwater.

CDP membership tiers are designed to reflect various levels of interest in and ability to support the Downtown Partnership.

In selecting a membership category, potential members are asked to consider the extent of their financial means, and the advantages to be accrued through accomplishment of CDP objectives.

Membership benefits are cumulative from “friend” level up to the category selected.